Our Proposal to Homeowners


Are you the lucky owner of a second home or idle property?

We offer you a unique opportunity to convert your property into an income generating one while you are not using it, and without any hassles to you, whatsoever.

Moreover, we take over the daily maintenance, security and day to day management of your property to an excellent standard and that too without any operational costs to be incurred by you.

All you have to do is to join the select "V" are family vacation property network.

There are some exciting benefits in store for you within the "V" are family vacation property network, including:
  • Sustained monthly income generation from your property
  • Property maintenance including manpower, utilities, landscaping, and general property upkeep
  • 24x7 fully service enabled home with dedicated manpower at your service
  • Professional and process driven operation with transparent monitoring and screening systems
  • Flexible personal use policies to suit your lifestyle