Our Concept

We offer a unique holiday experience for families and friends to come together, relax and have fun in a private ambience amidst pristine and salubrious surroundings, in a home that you can use, as per terms, by the day for as long as you wish.

All our homes are carefully selected after a detailed understanding of the overall experience they offer. Each vacation home is exclusive to the “V” are Family network. We know our homes inside out! We go the extra mile to make sure you get the right vacation home! We aspire to provide authentic experiences that are luxurious and accessible at comfortable costs.

Traditional Luxury Hotels
“V” are family – Unique Vacation Homes
One Room - limited and shared
Full House - Extensive and private
Rich and Heavy
Simple and Light
A Holiday
An Experience

The homes serve as your personal family home away from home, fully furnished, equipped and serviced, to cater to all your personal needs and comforts. The whole villa is your vacation home to do as you please, whenever you want to.

And it goes without saying that home rules apply. Feel free to bring your own food and beverage supply and even your own cook. You can order what you wish to eat and the villa staff will cook you any Indian home meal.

And the best part is that the place costs just the same no matter how many you are. The vacation home is fully inclusive of the dedicated space and staff at your disposal. And just like at home, the villa has extra beddings, if required, at no extra cost, so your family can be accommodated comfortably under one roof.