About us

We are a real estate management firm


Unique Vacation Homes Pvt. Ltd. is a real estate management firm. Our business interests include buying, selling, leasing, sub-leasing, licencing, sub-licencing and brokering of transactions for all kinds and types of properties which are generally but not exclusively restricted to residential, recreational, hospitality, wellness, educational and business based properties in nature.

We specialize across all categories of vacation homes such as Hill Villas, Farm Houses, Beach Bungalows, Golf Retreats, and Hunting Lodges. As a part of our promotional programmes we offer you, your family and friends an experience to remember.

Have you ever felt like owning a home in the hills, a farm house, or a bungalow by the beach, where your family and friends could just get together every now and then for a relaxed and rejuvenating experience, but never had an opportunity to feel what it would really be like ? Well your dreams have just come true. You could get a real taste of it now, and that too without having to make an investment, except of your time.

  • We offer a unique experience for families and friends to come together in a private ambiance amidst pristine and breathtaking settings.
  • A tailor made experience, without having to do anything yourself.
  • A family home away from home, fully furnished, equipped and serviced, to cater to all your personal needs and comforts while you just spend quality time with your loved ones.
  • A wide selection of select settings and independent properties to choose from, to suit the size of your family and mood for the occasion.
  • From Hill Villas to Farm Houses and Beach Bungalows, and a true realization of the concept "The More the Merrier".
  • All at comfortable costs to give you real 'Luxury Value'. You can use the property, as per terms, by the day for as long as you wish, though we feel that, after the experience, you may want to buy it for keeps.